Version 2000


Christian Apostolic Press

The Old Testament


The Old Testament portion of The Holy Apostolic Bible (HAB) is not yet completed. This is only a rough draft of the first 5 books of Moses; more changes will be made as time permits.


Here is the Pentateuch


The New Testament portion, was begun in 1999 and finished in 2010; but our ministry took three more years doing revisions to it; to make sure that it was a decent edition, so it was until February14, 2013 that if was finally published. It took us many years to finish because there was a lack of time and money. Our ministry is poor and I must take a job in order to support my family. Sometimes there were other ministerial activities that also took some time away from working on this version.


Now in June 2014 more than a year has passed since the New Testament portion of the (HAB) has been published and further revised. We are now turning to revising and completing the Spanish version of The Holy Apostolic New Testament, which we expect to finish hopefully before or just after 2015.


The Old Testament portion version that we are putting here is to show that Christian Apostolic Press has begun the work and that our goal is to complete both parts (The Old Testament and the New Testament) sometime before the year 2020. However we need the generous support of people in order to complete this work. Hopefully some who see the New Testament portion; will understand or get an idea of how the Old Testament will look when finally completely formatted.