God has offered his salvation free to whosoever will accept it. (Isaiah 55:1)  But the sinful pride of many people does not allow them to accept it.
Man in his foolishness thinks that he can earn salvation.  That is why every cult and false religion teaches that you must earn your way to heaven.
That is a lie from the deepest region of hell. No one, absolutely no one can earn his way into heaven. (Ephesians 2:8)
No money can buy salvation; no good works can do it either. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to earn salvation, it is the gift of God to all those who believe.
Some object to receiving God's salvation, because it sounds like being a beggar, but that's exactly what we are. Since God owns the whole world, what could we possible give in exchange for salvation? (Psalm 24:1)
One of the reasons few rich or mighty people are saved is because they are used to buying or earning everything they have. (I Corinthians 1:26)
By the same token, deeply religious people have a similar problem. They faithfully go through all the rituals, and perform all the good deeds decreed by their religion, expecting to earn salvation.
But all the money or religious activities avail not.  If the richest man gave all of his wealth or the religious person performed a million good deeds, neither one could earn salvation.
The reason is that salvation is very expensive. So much that only God could afford the price. It cost God the very best he had, yet he willing paid the price, because he loved us. (John 3:16)
This doctrine sounds estrange to the carnal man, yet it is true. Martin Luther got a glimpse of it, and he changed the world.
Because this doctrine repudiates salvation by works, it has been attacked by many religions. The Catholic Church has declared it a heresy.
Unfortunately many denominations officially state that salvation is free, but in actual practice they deny it.  Salvation is free only if you follow their particular rituals or traditions.  Dear brethren, this kind of double talk must end. Either salvation is free or it isn't. (Matthew 5:37)  

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